Cider 2019

First Pressing

Random apples from some lady who dropped them off. Many were really old, and needed lots of cutting. Probably some Gravenstein and Golden Delicious? Fermented fast.

  • OG: 1.040?
  • pH:
  • 3 gallons of juice

Reinette du Canada

Lots of apples off this tree, but they bruised really fast so I pressed them early without sweating them, so sugar content was much lower than last year.

3rd Pressing: Noe

Apples from Seth’s tree in Noe Valley. Half the tree died last year, so only a single box this year. Made one 3 gallon carboy plus a little extra. Probably Fameuse?

Lumpy Greens

From Caroline on Detroit. Tastes sweet and crunchy, probably not that great for cider, so will turn most of these into juice for Max’s school. Maybe White Pippin?

Marietta Wild

Small tree, may be a dwarf? Apples could be Golden Winter Pearmain or maybe Winter Pearmain? Tough bitter skin with russet-like interior. Also similar to Malinda.

Moffitt Bitter

Bitter tough apples, probably picked on the young side- let’s hope they ripen up. Should be good for cider!

Mizpah Striped

Random bag from Caitlin on Mizpah St. One looks like Belle de Boskoop? Others likely a more modern apple.