Burning Man 2011

Transit Lounge

This is the summary from Burning Man 2011.  We had a great time, but I want to keep track of water usage and exodus times for next year.

Camp Members:

Confirmed Members:  Scott, Shannon, Michelle, Ryan, Susan, Patrick, Ken, Jill. Jared showed up Friday.

Camp Location:
4:00 between Initiation & Journey
Group things will be shared, so no need for everybody to bring extras! If you have any of the items below, please put your name in the “who” column, and be sure to bring it!

Water Usage (all water was shared):

Scott & Shannon:  12 gallons used

Ken & Jill: 7 gallons used

Susan & Patrick:  10 gallons used

Ryan & Michelle:  2.5 gallons

So that makes roughly 32 gallons of water used among 6*7 days + 2*3 days = 48 person days or 2/3 of a gallon per person per day, roughly.

Exodus times:

Ken/Jill: Left 8:45am Sunday. Off playa at 9:15, past Gerlach 30 minutes later.
Susan/Patrick: Left 3ish? Sunday. 45 minutes to road, then traffic through Gerlach. Made it home in 9 hours including exodus, carwash, and lunch.
Scott/Shannon/Michelle/Ryan: Left 5am Monday morning. 3.5 hour exodus (5 hours reported by radio at 8am, and 4 hours at 7pm). Major traffic through Gerlach (45 minutes?). Very slow through Reno (accident) and all subsequent major highway crossings. got home around 7pm including 1 hour for lunch. 14 hours total.


Reno meetup: Free rooms in Reno the week before labor day.

Group things:

Item Quantity Who Comments
Shade structure 1 Scott 12′ x 20′ structure with additional 4 10’x20′ tarps for sides
Extra tarps 3 Scott We also have 3 4×10′ black shade fabric.
Stakes 16 Scott For tying down shade structure- have 16 now- heavy rebar types.
Hammer Scott I’m bringing a 3lb hammer
General tools for fixing things Scott Wrenches for bikes, screwdrivers, etc.
Rope lots Scott Bring some if you have some!
Bungee cords lots Scott Scott has 20 or so bungees which will be used for the shade structure.  The bungees are getting worn, so some new ones would be helpful.
Grey water bucket 2 Scott Use compost bucket.Ryan: We have two utility buckets
old Pantyhose 2 to put over bucket to catch food items.  then, we can throw the water on the street.  Anybody?  Michelle’s crotchless ones won’t work, obviously.
Carpet 1-2 Scott We have one large 12×14 rug, and one 8×10.
Broom 1 Scott To keep carpet clean.
Message board 1 Shannnon Or some other message system that we can put near the cooking area.  Good to leave people messaegs, of for visitors to leave messages.Have board need to get markers.
Tape + permanent pens Scott To label things with your name, etc.
Bike pump 1 Shannon Shannon is getting one these; welcome to share, but please take care.
Camp lighting 2 Shannon Shannon has a gas lantern that can be used at camp for nighttime lighting.
Camp Sign 1 Scott Have camp sign + car battery
Camp Chairs 1 ea min. Everybody
Pillows and blankets some  ?? Old pillows and blankets for use in the common area.  Bring some if you have old ones.

Cooking items:

Item Quantity Who Comments
Folding table 2 Scott I have a small wood folding camp table now. We also have the one Susan bought.
Stove& Fuel 1 somebody We have Charles’s camp stove. Scott has big propane tank adapter and hose.
Pots/Pans 2 Shannon + scott Shannon has 2 decent camping pots (1 small, 1 medium) good for heating water for coco/tea and making 1-2 person dishes.  We should bring larger ones, too. We should also have a couple skillets.  Scott will bring his small backpacking cook set, pot, and tea kettle.Ryan: I have a full complement of small pans for the 1-burner stove
Water cooler 1 Scott Insulated 3 gallon water cooler for group use:  we put ice in it and fill it with water so there’s cold water.  Bring crate to put the cooler on.
Ice money Everybody Bring money for ice- $2.50 per bag or so.
Cooler 1 Everybody Bring your own food cooler.
Soap & scrub pad 1 For washing dishes
Water 0.5 gallons per person per day Everybody See below
Food Everybody Everybody brings their own food.  Sharing a stove shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Personal items:

YOU MUST BRING (Dave’s List, slightly modified)
Everything you bring will get covered with playa dust. Generally you shouldn’t bring nice things to Burning Man.

  • TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (don’t forget to bring your tickets)
  • WATER 1-gal/day (2.5 gallon plastic water bottles are useful). People usually bring too much, especially if you drink canned drinks and don’t shower.
  • Water math:  Figure 1 gallon drinking/cooking water if you’re not boiling spagetti every night.  Add a little extra for washing, etc, and you get about 1.5 gallons per day.  If you want to shower, I have a sun shower, and you can bring it to a camp that has a shower setup (figure 1.5 gallons extra per shower).  So if we’re traveling most of monday, and then leaving early monday morning, that’s T-S = 6 full days of water.  Subtract off some because we reuse cooler water for washing dishes and drink water that has lots of melted ice in it, and a little less should be ok.  So you’ll be able to survive fine if you only bring 5-7 gallons per person. Last year we recommended 9 gallons per person, and most people had at least 4 gallons extra.
  • Showers:  Some people just use baby wipes or take a spit-bath.  If you wake up by 10:30, you can run after the water trucks that spray the roads and rinse off in the refreshing Pyramid lake water.  I do this, and you’ll feel really clean afterward.  It’ll take a few days to learn that you have about 5 seconds to hear the truck coming, decide to run after it, and then take off as much clothing as you want to.  No need to bring a towel since you’ll dry in a few minutes.
  • Water Jugs are available from REI. Some have a built-in spigot that works well.  The reviews on the colapsible ones are pretty bad!  The 2.5 Gallon jugs you get from the store are a good option also.
  • Camelbak or other water carrying device
  • Hot/cold weather clothing:  Extra underwear and t-shirts, plus a few interesting pieces of outerwear. Durable (jeans), full coverage clothing (nothing ignitable) for playing propane soccer and participating in the run at the burn.
  • Garbage bags
  • Contact supplies, toiletries
  • 2 or more of: Headlamps (LED), flashlights, glowsticks, batteries
  • Day and night goggles (haight street/aardvarks $10-15 goggles) also see: campnplaysafe.com
  • Dust mask (put it in a ziplock bag when not in use)
  • Sunscreen + hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Bicycle (this is REQUIRED gear)
  • Bike lights. Decorating your bike makes it easier to find.
  • Self lighting. walking on the playa at night if you’re not illuminated can be dangerous; you will be invisible to hell-raisers on bikes/scooters.
  • Extra inner tubes! (or a good patch kit will probably be fine if your valves work when you leave)
  • BIKE LOCK. Do not use a bike at Burning Man without a lock.
  • Baby wipes + lotion
  • Shelter (tent, or otherwise able to handle harsh winds/dust)
  • Tent stakes / rebar (with covers – tennis balls, plastic bottles if they stick out of the ground)
  • Footwear (non-open, non-nice, *comfortable*, breathing- Tevas work well if you feet dont mind the playa)
  • Food (see below)
  • Folding chair for lounging around at camp.