Cider 2018


First Pressing:

  • 175lbs / 8 gallons of small apples from Seth’s tree. (Definitely not Lady apples!). Maybe Fameuse?
  • 0.5 gallon of Gravenstein
  • 1.5 gallons of Sequoia St. Crabapples (1.5 bags)
  • 10 gallons total of juice, divided among 3 batches (plan for 3 3-gallon carboys)
  • OG=1.050,  Acid= , pH=3.0

Batch #1

  • Wild ferment: Tastes great, slower ferment than others.  Acidic juice remains, let’s hope for some Malo-lactic fermentation.

Batch #2

  • Wyeast 4766: very slight beer-like smell from this yeast, but otherwise clean. Also acidic. Cloudy juice after 1.000

Batch #3

  • Safcider: Clean and boring.  Probably pitched too early?  Cloudy juice after 1.000.

2nd Pressing:

Rinette Blanche du Canada

Rinette Blanche du Canada

Probably “Reinette Blanche du Canada” apples, similar to russets. Ripe Early-mid sept. From Sheila on

  • First pressing 1.075, TA=, pH=
  • Lots of problems with this ferment, possibly due to the high pH:  initial mold, slow start to ferment, and then really fast ferment with rotten egg smell that’s hard to get rid of. Pitched SO2 to kill wild yeast and then try Safcider.  Plan to mix with the previous Safcider batch.

3rd Pressing:

Ashmead's Kernel

Ashmead’s Kernel

Cox Orange Pippin

Cox Orange Pippin

Mix of a bunch of dropped apples from Philo Apple Farm, 20lbs of Cox Orange Pippin, 20lbs of Ashmead’s Kernel, a bag of Rinette blanche du Canada, a few Jonagolds, and a half bag of random stuff from

  • Cox Orange Pippin: OG=, TA=, pH=
  • Ashmead’s Kernel: OG=, TA=, pH=
  • Random drops: OG=, TA=, pH=

Batch #1

  • Added 25 ppm Sulfite in must due to large amount of drops.  Added PME to help clear juice.

Batch #2 (Keeve)

  • Added 25 ppm Sulfite in must due to large amount of drops.  Added PME and CaCl2 for a full keeve.

4th Pressing:



Wickson apples from Philo Apple Farm

  • Wickson: OG=, TA=, pH=





5th Pressing:

Apples from the Midtown Terrace playground.  Super hard, not that sweet, kind of boring, but figured I’d try them since they were free.  Maybe Stayman?

  • OG=1.054?,  TA=, pH=
  • Harvested 11/20/2018?