Summary of bees from each year


Ordered a local queen and bees from BeeKind in Sebastopol.  When talking to the beekeeper, he said that people often say that their bees used to die for many years, but once they tried these local bees, they survive the winter.  He also mentioned that the queens are from his local Warre hive that’s been doing great.


No hive


Same bees as the previous years, and kept the hive in the same location.  Not sure why they died this year.


Same bees as previous years.  We had a huge mite infestation.  Tried powdered sugar, but I think it was too late.


Same bees as the previous year.  Not sure why they died at the end of the summer.


Rob gave us our first hive!  2-3 Warre boxes.  I think I bought an additional one with a window.  He had bees in it already, so we just let them do their thing.  They died in the late summer, and we harvested the honey.