Notes for reserving campgrounds with links to reservation sites…



National Sites open up 6 months early, at midnight?  Each day opens one at a time, not in a whole block. (state parks)

State parks open up (according to a blog) on the first of the month at 8am for 7 months out.

Everything is now on Reserve California

You can now book 6 months out from the current day.


Car camping locally:

  • Mount Tamalpais State Park
    • Steep Ravine (S Rav) Fills up really fast
  • Samuel Taylor State Park
  • China Camp State Park. Lots of sites available anytime, mostly “hike-in”

Short hike locally:

Point Reyes Sky camp

Point Reyes Coast camp

Bay Area first-come, first served:

  • Castle Rock State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Hike-in camps at 0.1 and 2 miles from road at different locations.

Camping in Sierra:


Article for how to get a good spot:

(And what campgrounds often don’t fill up)

Automated checkers:

Automated reserve America checker: