Mona Lisa Potatoes

Mona Lisa potatoes

I acquired some Mona Lisa potatoes from a source in Piedmont, Italy.  We tried them there and they were the most delicious potatoes we had ever tasted.  They’re waxy and smooth, with a yellow flesh and buttery finish.

Planted: ?

Harvest:  09/10/2011

Yield:  ?

We grew these in a container in potting soil, and noticed after a while the leaves were getting brown veins, and later completely brown.  I kept looking for signs of disease, but after a while it just seemed to get worse.  My final conclusion is that the plants were just dying off without flowering because of our colder weather in Glen Park, San Francisco.

Mona Lisa potato plant growing in a container

Cooking these roasted and boild the day after harvesting them, I noticed that they were very “normal” tasting, not spectacular as we tried them at Casa Scaparone in Piedomont area of Italy.  I wonder if they used some of the rabbit drippings on the potatoes to make them have a richer mouthfeel?