Scott Dylewski, Ph.D.
San Francisico, CA 94131
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10-15 years of experience with research and engineering of electro-optical systems with an emphasis on creating scientific software to analyze complex physical systems. I’m open to accept new challenges in system design or algorithm development where I can use my broad technical background to solve difficult problems. I can work with Linux or Windows systems while continuing to learn new languages and skills as necessary.

Work Experience

Alverix, Inc. 2007 – present
Senior Scientist

  • Serve as the senior scientist for a company which develops handheld electro-optical readers for biochemical disease tests. This role is very broad, including instrument design, creating measurement algorithms, filing patents, developing new measurement techniques, and advanced data analysis. Filed patents 2010/0175455, 2010/0177930, and 2008/0069732
  • Responsible for creating a bio-assay development system consisting of a camera analyzer and extensive software that allows biochemists to measure, model, and analyze lateral flow assays. Real-time modeling of fluid flow required solving 2-D diffusion equations. Wrote all software and GUI in a MATLAB environment.
  • Lead technical sales discussions with potential customers. Responsible for over $20M in new business.
  • Wrote articles for trade journals and gave presentations at technical conferences on behalf of Alverix.
    1. Developing Lateral Flow Assays with an Image-Based Analyzer
    2. Point-of-Care Testing: Trends in Assay systems
    3. AACC Oak Ridge Conference presentations in 2010, 2009, and 2008

Avago Technologies 2004 – 2007
Senior Scientist , Rapid Diagnostics Division

  • Responsible for research into lateral-flow assays using Matlab, LabView, and HP Vee. Statistical analysis and visualization was done with Matlab and Excel.
  • Primary coder of new analysis algorithms for our handheld imaging instrument.
  • Developed spectroscopic measurement methods for analyzing fluorescent assays; designed laser/LED excitation systems and optical detection filters.

Agilent Technologies 2001 – 2004
Hardware Development Engineer, Fiber Optic Product Division

  • Responsible for electrical design and verification of 4Gb/s fiber optic transceiver, including IC selection, schematic generation, PCB design & layout, EMI, initial test and characterization.
  • Developed extensive knowledge of testing, debugging, software control, and general problem solving in relation to electrical, optical and mechanical systems.
  • Wrote and optimized many of the algorithms written in LabView and HP Vee languages used in the R&D test lab. Reduced test time by more than 2x for most tests.


Cornell University 1996 – 2001
Doctor of Philosophy in Applied and Engineering Physics

  • Performed fundamental experimental and theoretical research on the interaction between UV light and small atmospheric molecules.
  • Performed extensive analysis of data using 3-D quantum-mechanical models to fit very large sets of 2-D data. Created a real-time analysis pipeline to give results during data collection.
  • Developed a complete software package in the UNIX and MATLAB environments to extract important molecular-frame information from data image projections.
  • 6 published papers in respected scientific journals. Thesis: The photodissociation of ozone in the Hartley band.

Other Skills

  • Excellent technical leadership skills for small projects and teams.
  • Extensive experience with modeling of complex systems, numerical methods, Matlab, Linux, LabView, bash shell, optics and electronic system design.
  • Familiar with MySQL, C, php, Javascript, microcontrollers.
  • Manages the Linux-based open source project “DVD-Slideshow“.
  • Currently learning Python for home projects.
  • Enjoys cooking, hiking, swing dancing, and gardening.