Mushroom foraging at Salt Point state park

DSC01315Shannon bought tickets for a mushroom hunting workshop for my Yule present this year, and the trip was great despite the cold wet weather.

We cooked up the shrooms the next night with some buttered pasta, and here’s our tasing notes:

hedgehog – nice firm texture, excellent mushroom/chanterelle-like flavor
tooth jelly fungus – watery and no texture, bland
matsutake – extra firm texture, barnyard/leather saddle type flavor, interesting and different flavor
delicious milk cap – nice firm texture, meaty flavor, dry interior, earthy finish
orange cup fungus – moderately firm texture, somewhat bland at first finishing more woodsy
butter (?) bolete – moderately firm texture with a bit of sliminess to it, mild maybe a hint of butteriness in the flavor, removing sponge a bit of a pain during prep
pig’s ear chanterelle – moderately firm texture, very mild mushroomy, Shannon found them bland)

would eat again:
1. hedgehog
2. matsutake
3. delicious milk cap
4. orange cup fungus
5. butter (?) bolete