Mead General

After a few years of making mead, I want to collect everything in one place.  In general, the washed wax mead tends to have a strong hive flavor, and pure honey mead is light and doesn’t have that additional funky flavors…  Some batches have gotten a “burnt popcorn” kind of flavor, which may or may not clear over time. But I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything I can do to improve the flavor of washed wax or whole hive mead:

Things to try:

  1. Pressing the comb to get the last honey out instead of just washing it.
  2. Washing the comb with cold water for a short time instead of overnight to reduce the additional off-flavors?
  3. Boiling the must to deactivate enzymes and kill off any other bacteria
  4. Pitching a minimal amount of sulphur to kill off any “bad” organisms but let the good yeasts survive, similar to the method for Cider.

External links to whole-hive mead:

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